Meet Annette and Ada

Mother and daughter, teachers, humanitarians, visionaries, kindred spirits, and friends, Annette and Ada have been working together since 2013 to bring healing, hope, communication, and love to their community and beyond. Drawing on their own education in business and sociology, their spiritual practices, including A Course in Miracles and other spiritual systems, and further training in coaching, Nonviolent Communication, the Enneagram, and more, they bring their unique style of teaching and connecting to all of their offerings.

What is most important to each of them is that everyone is given to the opportunity for self-realization, living beyond their conditioning, safety for self-expression and acceptance, and the freedom to recognize their own value.

Our Principles

  • Every person - including you - has the right to a happy, healthy, and productive life
  • Happiness is the outcome of living with authenticity and in integrity
  • Honoring your true self - who you are inside and the person you were created to be - is your gift to yourself and the world
  • Healthy habits and choices are vital to happiness and productivity
  • Peace is only found within
  • Your past does not have to define your future

Our Mission

To guide, education, and support you as you discover peace and learn to see yourself and your world differently.

Our Philiosophy

The journey through life can be long, stressful, and incredibly lonely.

Social stigmas can make you feel adrift and unable to reach out for help when dealing with the struggles that come your way.

We furnish you with support and many opportunities to learn important tools for living day-to-day and making informed decisions and life choices.

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