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5 Points to PEACE is our comprehensive methodology for letting go of your painful past, taking responsibility for your current choices, and releasing your worries about the future – and is the basis for all we do!

We took everything we’ve gleaned from conquering our combined 70-plus years of struggling and what we have learned in our healing to create a practical, usable step-by-step system that will benefit you – no matter your life experience.

One key component we've realized is that, for each of us until we do our healing work, our pasts are the foundation for our identity.

Your identity is your idea of who you are or ever will be. It represents the value you place on yourself, influencing the choices you make today and what you see for yourself in the future. With 5 Points to PEACE, you see that your past does not have to define you. You learn to dis-identify with what has occurred, and you grant yourself the freedom to see YOU differently.

No matter what has happened to you, what you have done, or what is going on in your life today, when you change your perception of who you are, you are no longer stuck with an identity that does not serve you.

5 Points to PEACE empowers you to create a life that inspires you, energizes you, and permits you to recognize your value!

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"They helped me to find the most important aspects of my business to focus on."

"Annette and Ada give me productive advice."

"They have helped me sort through life."

"Annette and Ada go way beyond my expectations each time we meet to plan my next set of goals!"

"Just opened my first "brick and mortar" business when I met them. What a blessing!"

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"I love these two!"

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