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As your coaches, we are your team. A team that is ready to help you create your best life. You are no longer alone trying to figure out everything on your own. We are here with you every step of the way!


Learn healthy communication techniques to heal or strengthen your relationship. Real communication is not painful, awkward, or non-existent. It is, however, the KEY to all healthy partnerships. Just a few coaching sessions can help your love last forever.


With direct and clear action steps, we implement solutions in every area of your business, changing the culture of your company to achieve financial, interpersonal, and individual success!


Deepen your understanding of nutrition and how it affects your life! Incorporating knowledge from the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute certification program, we help you live each day to the fullest and discover the happiness you deserve!


It's time to express your creativity! We have met many people who want to write a book, create a family history, or share their poems with the world, but have no idea where to begin. That is why we have DreamDesigns. Don't let your dream stay a dream!

Coalition for Hope

Serving as Program Directors of COALITION FOR HOPE in Mesa County, CO, we have joined with other professional leaders to address the mental health and suicide crisis in our community.

Academy for Personal Development

Communication • Lifestyle • Exercise • Attitude • Nutrition

A Course in Miracles 2019


A Course in Miracles is a study of changing how we think about life and turning our new thoughts into action. It is helpful to people of all faiths and also to those who practice no religion at all. “Miracles,” according to A Course in Miracles, are expressions of love. Although this wonderfully effective spiritual text is written in mostly Christian terminology, its primary focus is universal spiritual themes.

 A Course in Miracles is one way – out of thousands of ways – to learn that we do not have to live our lives filled with guilt and shame. We CAN experience inner peace, happiness, and the understanding that we all remain forever loving and forever loved. 


Clear Communication

Tuesday Nights, 6:30-8:15 PM

Meets at 216 North Ave, Suite 1 in Grand Junction, CO

In this course, we teach practical and easy-to-use communication techniques. Finding common ground through honest and authentic expression is essential for all our relationships and also helps us find peace within ourselves. As we open ourselves up to the possibility that conflict does not have to be the norm, we will also be able to discuss what matters most to us in any given situation. Whether we're engaged in a casual conversation or a meaningful, life-changing discussion, this class will prepare you to express yourself in a way that is self-satisfying and productive.

This is an open group, meaning you can come when it is convenient for you!

Coming Soon: The Enneagramon


Ready to change your life?

The Enneagram is a set of nine distinct personality types that are the result of our childhoods and inborn temperaments. Your Enneagram type impacts every area of your life, including all your relationships and how you fit into our world. Most importantly, your Enneagram type determines how you relate to yourself.

"I am very thankful for the help they give me."

"They are a blessing!"

"Annette and Ada are a godsend!"

"Annette and Ada give personal attention to me. They help me build my self-esteem."

"They come to my apartment to discuss how I am doing and talk to me when I have concerns."

"They treat me as a friend and a client."

"They helped me to find the most important aspects of my business to focus on."

"Annette and Ada give me productive advice."

"They have helped me sort through life."

"Annette and Ada go way beyond my expectations each time we meet to plan my next set of goals!"

"Just opened my first "brick and mortar" business when I met them. What a blessing!"

"If you are ready to move forward in life or business, then get started with them!"

"I love these two!"

Service Partners

Our Trusted Colleagues

Devin Pinkston, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor and Gender Therapist

Dr. Andrea

Upper Cervical Chiropractor and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

Mari Hockenberry

Massage Therapist

Caring Transitions

Relocation Service Experts, including Downsizing, Decluttering, and Estate Sales

Brittany Klements

Business Systems Efficiency Expert

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