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Private Sessions with Annette and Ada

Intimate opportunities to focus on your spiritual, personal, communication, and relationship issues.

Hour-long Sessions are conducted in-person or via Zoom. 

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Clear Communication with Annette and Ada

Tuesday Nights, 6:30-8:15 PM, 
216 North Ave, Ste 1, Grand Jct, CO

Finding common ground through honest and authentic expression is essential for all our relationships and also helps us find peace within ourselves.

As we open ourselves up to the possibility that conflict does not have to be the norm, we will also be able to discuss what matters most to us in any given situation.

Whether we're engaged in a casual conversation or a meaningful, life-changing discussion, this class will prepare you to express yourself in a way that is self-satisfying and productive.

Dialogues with Annette and Ada

Based on A Course in Miracles

Dialogue means “conversation” or “discussion.” This is a time for teaching and reflection.

In our Dialogues with Annette and Ada we share, guide, and remind you of the Truth of who you truly are: eternal, beyond space and time, never changing.

Your true nature is not found in the happenings of the ego world. It is found within, and Dialogues take you there.

A Course in Miracles with Annette and Ada

We invite you to join us each weekday morning at 8:30am MDT as we make our way page-by-page and lesson-by-lesson through A Course in Miracles.

This is a free Facebook group.

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