Happy March to YOU!

God spoke to me in flowers today. But I had my heart set on words, so I almost missed the conversation.
~ Anonymous

Hello Dear Friends!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all this week at one or more of the classes we are offering at our Academy for Personal Development. See our full March calendar by following this link!


Tuesday, March 3, beginning at 6:30PM, will be a great evening as we embark on our first of nine classes focusing on the Enneagram. The Enneagram solves the mystery of why we do what we do by bringing awareness to our childhood patterns and what we inherently fear, value, and desire. The Enneagram is truly insightful, and we are very excited to share it!

Along with all of our other classes, we will have our second Grieving Together meeting on Friday, March 6, from 6 to 8PM. Please plan to bring books and other resources you have used. We’re looking forward to growing this group into a valuable community for anyone...

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