Two New Classes Coming to the Academy in January!

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Hello Friends!

Since the first day we opened the doors to our Academy for Personal Development, through all our classes and personal coaching our mission has been inclusion, experiential education, and kindness.

In 2019, we offered eight classes: Clear Communication, Clear Communication BASICS, Grieving Together, Dialogues, and our daily Facebook LIVE “Coffee and the Course," taught by us. Qi Gong, Yoga, and Meditation, taught by members of the Grand Junction community who are aligned with our mission.

We are excited to announce that in January 2020 we will be adding two more classes: THE PRESENCE PROJECT and MASTER CLASS! We will be teaching both of these classes.

Beginning January 8, 2020, from 6 to 7PM, THE PRESENCE PROJECT will begin. This class will focus on supporting those who are working through Michael Brown’s book, The Presence Process.

Brown’s methodology to attain present moment awareness is an individualized process; however, we want to offer a place to share experiences and offer support. We hope that at some point all residents of Mesa County will join us in the Yellow Room as they work through “The Process,” because it offers a tangible way to recover from past hurts and live fully in today.

While The Process itself is a 10-week experience, our class will be on-going. To sustain the Yellow Room, tuition is $7.

MEDITATION with LaVaun will follow The Presence Project from 7 to 8PM. Tuition for Meditation is $10; however, if you would like to attend BOTH classes, tuition will be just $12.

Wednesday will be a whole night of PRESENCE!

Additionally, on the third Friday of each month from 6:30 to 8:30PM, we will be teaching our MASTER CLASS, featuring various modalities that have helped us on our own healing journeys.

Our Master Classes will be offered either as one-time events or as a series. Tuition is $10 per session, and you do not have to attend every session in a series.

Our first Master Class will be a three-session series on the Enneagram! We are offering the Enneagram training first, as this has been one of the most insightful resources we have learned in all our trainings. And as always, in everything we do and teach, we focus on the experiential. So, you won’t just be learning ABOUT the Enneagram, you will learn to USE IT!

One More Opportunity for You to Join Us!

January also brings with it a new 8-week Clear Communication BASICS class on January 14, 2020 from Noon to 1:30PM. There isn’t a single part of life that doesn’t involve communication, and if you desire a better relationship with your family, friends, business associates, and yourself, this is the perfect class to get you going in the right direction. Tuition for this 8-week commitment is $80.


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If you have any questions about any of our offerings, feel free to reach out to us! Call/text (970) 462-7818 or email [email protected]

Wishing you a beautiful week!


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