New Group: Grieving Together

A few weeks ago, we started our newest group, GRIEVING TOGETHER. We have wanted to offer a group with this focus for a very long time. What’s unique about our group is that we are creating a space that welcomes anyone who has experienced a SIGNIFICANT LOSS – as opposed to focusing only on the death of someone close. Additionally, this significant loss does not have to be recent. It could have been experienced many years ago.

The reason we are opening our group up in this way is because our coaching experience has shown us that people suffer from loss every day, and there are very few places where they can be comfortable enough to feel and share their pain. In our group, a significant loss is a significant loss – and each and every situation is held with tenderness and care.

During the past few meetings, we have talked about many different losses. While the losses have taken various forms, what has been consistent is the respect extended which honors what this loss meant. Conversations such as these are one of the key elements necessary when we are processing our grief. We must have a safe space to share our stories, memories, and experiences without being told our grief is taking too long, out of proportion for the loss, or upsetting to others.

If you live in the Grand Junction area and are available to join us on Thursdays at Noon to 1:15PM, we welcome you to join our group. If you are on your lunch hour, feel free to leave when you must. The fee to sustain the Yellow Room is $10.

With love,

Annette and Ada


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