Brené Brown: The Call to Courage

We recently had the pleasure of watching Brené Brown’s Netflix special, “The Call to Courage.” In fact, we’ve watched it a few times. Much like her famous TED Talk, Brené presents a wonderful message about the role vulnerability plays in our lives, how we can come from a place of vulnerability, and what the impact is when we are NOT vulnerable.

Vulnerability is “having the courage to show up when you don’t know the outcome.”

Since our first watch, we have been recommending this special in both our personal coaching sessions and our workshops because so many people are scared to be vulnerable. More accurately, they are scared of the loss they think might occur if they are their true selves.

Yet, there is a high price to pay when we’re not vulnerable: The people in our lives don’t really know us, they know the masks we’ve made to hide ourselves.

Speaking from personal experience, we’ve both worn many masks. We’ve hidden who we really are and held on to the belief that if people knew us, if they saw us for who we really are, if they heard our hurts, our fears, our hopes, and our dreams, they would not like us.

But in reality, the problem wasn’t other people, it was our own self-judgment. It was what we believed about ourselves that hurt more than anything. In our own journeys, we had to heal our self-judgment, learn to love ourselves, and stop hiding.

Love only came (and is coming) when we learned that our value isn’t based on what has happened to us, what we have done, or even what is going on in our lives right now. We have all the value we will ever have simply because we exist. We don’t EARN our value, and our value cannot be taken away.

Only after discovering this important truth could we be vulnerable, and only then could we experience the connections in life we had been wanting.


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