A Course in Miracles and Forgiveness

As students of A Course in Miracles, we read and talk about forgiveness quite a bit. Not only do we discuss what forgiveness means (that in truth, forgiveness is the recognition that what we thought our brother did to us did not occur), we also try to understand how we can make this recognition a daily practice.

Part of making it a daily practice is to check in and see if our perception is accurate (right-mindedness) or if we are reacting from a place of fear (wrong-mindedness or the ego). This takes awareness and practice listening to the Voice for guidance.

Until we reach this place of recognition though, we must be willing to be honest with ourselves, acknowledge our feelings, look at what we have needed, and then provide a space for love to come in and help us to let go.

Mooji taught us something very important about letting go. He says that to let go is to actually dis-identify with something. Using this definition, when we let go and forgive, we are letting go of our identity as the victim (or the perpetrator) and seeing the other (or ourselves) the way our Creator sees us: perfect, whole, and complete.

After we come to a place of forgiveness, we will be guided as to what actions to take or not take. Sometimes, we may be guided to walk away from a situation or person. Other times, we may be asked to speak up or do something we would never on our own have thought to do. Whatever our guidance, it will be in the best interest of everyone involved – even if we don’t see this right away.

Love to all,

Annette and Ada


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